The Aviation Sectoral Plan

In spring 2013, Lodewijk Asscher, the Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, called on social partners across a number of sectors to develop a coherent strategy for safeguarding jobs and promoting employment. In response, the Aviation Sector Fund took the initiative and assumed responsibility for developing this Sectoral Plan.

What is new about this strategy is the broad scope of the collaboration. Aviation is a diverse industry, bringing together the airline and airport operations sectors, such as security, technology, catering and hospitality, retail, logistics, ICT, as well as government screening services such as the Dutch Border Police (Royal Netherlands Marechaussee) and Dutch Customs. These combined sectors represent what aviation is all about: a chain of sub-processes. In the same way, the organisations involved – spanning different sectors – have joined forces in this Sectoral Plan and are committed to implementing the analyses, conclusions and ambitions set out in this Plan.

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